The Buddy Move

I helped a buddy from work move today.

We started around 3pm and didn’t finish until 9pm. We had to make three trips and purchase a box spring set. The last part was only because we broke the box spring set in the first trip. It was kinda fun,

I didn’t like all the college flashbacks I was getting. All the empty rooms. The dorm like apartments. Piling up stuff on the truck. I didn’t like it. Not that college was bad or anything, but it’s that fancy neighborhood feeling stuff. But anyway, I could personally be staring at that empty room soon. That was a little jarring.

The other day a co-worker and I were talking about housing. I told her our home values are really low. She said we should want our house to appreciate in  value. I asked why and she said so that we can sell our house. I said, but then where will we live?

Another co-worker and I were talking about where we would like to buy a house. I said I would buy a house in my neighborhood because they are really cheap and there’s hardly any traffic driving to downtown. She said that she  was looking for the same thing and would like to buy a house in South Dallas because it was safer than my area. I told her that I thought my area was safer. We agreed it was because we hadn’t spent enough time in each others area.

These are good people. I don’t know if I would call them all my friends, but I do know them. I see enough about them to know they are of good character.

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Another Easter

I’m not a big fan of Easter.

It doesn’t have the emotional weight of Christmas, or even Thanksgiving. I know it’s a big deal. It’s an important event in Christianity, but it never really moved me.

Manchester United lost today. It was depressing. Let’s not talk about it.

I ate a bunch of wings today. They were delicious and they gave me a tummyache. I managed to do everything on my to-do-list, which was renew insurance, pay my Chase credit card, update my resume, apply for a job, and write to my pen pal. So it was a weird day. Good and bad.

Sunday’s feel strange without Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead to watch. :/

This week at work shouldn’t be so bad. Maybe I’ll get a couple of jogs in during the week. oh, this should be the last week before the acquisition goes public.

Man, I have to get a haircut during the week. It’s getting ridiculously long.


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RAWR Horror

I went so see a horror movie today.

It was Oculous. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t scary.

I don’t really watch scary movies. All the popular ones usually have too many of those jump scares, which I don’t like. Those scary movies that get into your head are the ones I like, but there are hardly any of those around.

That’s probably because of the economics of scary movies. Oculous, for example, cost $5 million to make and took in almost that same amount in the opening weekend. Everything it makes, from tickets, DVDs, etc., is pure profit. It makes sense to make bad horror movies. They pay.

Either way, This was one of those. It wasn’t a good one.

But I’m glad I went. Because scary movies aren’t my thing, I get scared easily. So on the rare occasion that I watch a scary movie, I don’t watch it in theaters. That’s an extra bad idea. It actually took some courage on my part to go and not freak out.

I figured, if my sister can get try driving stick, on my car, and get over here fears, then I can conquer some fears too. It was growing experience.

Although, nothing is scarier than real life.

The scariest thing in my life is the unknown future of the acquisition. What’s going to happen? I’m really starting to hope that I get fired and get a sweet severance package. Then I’d have the $ and no reason not to move.

All the acquisition talk reminds me of that episode of Friends where Rachel quits her job as a waitress to get the fear. The guys keep telling her what to do and she asks then why they don’t quit their jobs. They say they’re too afraid. I hope I’m not that afraid.

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See Yourself

This week, every time I got into the car, I expected the oil filter to explode!

I think that’s because, well it’s the first time I’ve done it but more importantly, I still see myself as a kid. I’m not 100% sure that things I do are always great. I’ve really notice this perception I have of myself at work. Of course, there I’m just a staff. Almost everyone has more experience than I do.

It makes taking about the acquisition feel really weird. Everyone else has kiddos and is older. But yea, maybe one day I won’t feel that way. Maybe when I have a kid myself. Or maybe we’ll just both be kids together.

Oh, there’s one other thing I’ve noticed. I think most people at work are pessimistic. I’ve noticed a few times we get an email from a client and I read it and think no big deal. Seconds later, the other person on the email will come to me and say can you believe what they wrote?

They’ll totally read subtext into the email and I won’t. I give the clients the benefit of the doubt. They think the client’s are being dicks.

Those times I actually think I may not really be a pessimist. I might actually be an optimist.

I should definitely like to Life of Pi post.

Community season finale tomorrow! I’m not sure how I feel about these short seasons.

Man, I’m hungry.

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The Oil Change

Today was pretty cool.

It started off raining. I liked it. But for reals, I woke up around 7am. I wanted to catch the Manchester City vs Liverpool game. I did. It was fun. Sucks that Manchester United isn’t in the title race. Anyway. Liverpool won, but it should have been a tie.

After that I hung around the house until 11am when my little sister and I went to run some errands and catch a movie. It was Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was ok. Then we stopped by to get some oil and a filter for the new Camaro.

I came home and looked up how to change the oil. Then I went outside and changed the oil. It was weird. It was very different from the old Camaro. The oil filter looks like an air filter. It’s so easy to access. Draining the oil pan is the same. I guess the oil filter was the only different part.

I liked it. I liked changing the oil. That’s the first oil change. There are about 99 more oil changes left for the new Camaro, assuming the car last around 300,000 miles and I change the oil around every 3,000 miles.

So after that, I watched the FOX Sunday shows. They were cool. I like having Cosmos at 8pm. It closes out the weekend with some deep reflection. Every time I watch that show I feel so small and unimportant, but content. It’s the strangest feeling.

Alright, I’m getting tired. I should go to sleep.

oh, I got the Camaro back on Friday afternoon. It’s amazing. Driving is so much more fun with the manual transmission. I can’t go back to the automatic transmission. It’s so boring.

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The Carless Week

This week is tough.

I dropped the Camaro off to get repaired on Monday. They say I won’t get it back until Tuesday. I’ve been driving the truck. It’s made the drive to work and home boring. It only has two pedals! Boring. It’s not even fun like the old Camaro. That was a fun car.


I can’t wait for Tuesday.

Also, they say this is the last Saturday we’ll have to work, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

oh! I bought three new The Strokes shirts. I love them already. I’m well on my way to charging those 3k to the new credit card. Actually, one of the positive sides of the car accident is that I am $500 closer to the 3k. Also, the payment for the next 6-months of insurance is due soon. That’s another like $800 bucks.

Alright. I’m going to work early tomorrow. Good night.

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The Weirdest Week

I was going to say it was the worst week ever, but it could have been worse.

Recently, I said I was feeling sad. I don’t remember when that was, but I think it was around the beginning of the week. Anyway, Wednesday I was in a car accident. It wasn’t anything big. Actually, it could have been way worse. Progressive said not to talk about it, so I won’t. I’ll tell you later I guess.

So that shit happened. Then Thursday we talked about the merger for what felt like all day. That was probably the most unproductive day in my two busy seasons there. Today wasn’t very good either. The day started with the biggest headache. It had evolved from the small persistent headache I had since Tuesday. It sucked. The crazy part was that the day didn’t feel any good until I had to stay a little late and actually got some work done.

I’m so glad this week is over.

I’m ready for this merger thing to be over or start or whatever. I’m ready to get the Camaro fixed. Both of them. I’m ready for some sleep on Sunday. I’m ready to read some comics this weekend and play some Pokemon soon.

Here I come future.

If things get too bad, then I’m running away from my problems.

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