A Different Kind of Thursday

Today wasn’t the usual at work. Today I taught a co-worker how to use Access to continue the database I created. It’s not really complicated because it’s not a relational database, so there isn’t a bunch of linkage that might destroy the database.

Regardless, it was a chance for me to practice my teaching abilities. It went well. Surprisingly well considering I was rejected by Teach for America in the first round. There’s something pleasant about teaching others. It makes me feel….needed and useful.

A conversation to get my friend to go with me to get some food.

Me: Come on. Let’s go.

Friend: No.

Me: Come on. I’ve been there 2 days in a row already and if I show up again without you they’ll think I’m a hobo who lives behind their store.

Friend: What? Why would they think that?

Me: Because that’s what I would think. Besides it doesn’t help that I’ve only been paying with spare change.



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