Windows and Fences

Pops built a fence at the house this weekend. Apparently the neighbor built a shoddy addition to his house with a window facing directly into our backyard. That didn’t bother my father too much until the neighbor added a door next to the window that is directly facing into our backyard.

So Pops began building an 8 foot fence. He started on Monday and by Saturday evening he had built the important half, which was the part that blocks the door/window’s view, duh.

Sunday morning, Pops goes outside and what does he see? The neighbor has added a second window to his shoddy home addition that is pointed directly into our backyard. Where could this window possibly be you ask, since the wall is only 10 feet tall and your new fence is 8 feet tall?

The new window is so high, it touches the roof. The new window is so high, it is partially blocked by the slanted-ness of the roof. Is it crazy to think the neighbor just wants to look into our backyard? With the exception of putting up a higher fence, what can be done?

Going home was just as un-relaxing and I expected. It was way busier than if I had stayed at this home. A few good things came of it.

  1. The Rent is Too Damn High is a great political party.
  2. Babies like me.
  3. My little sister likes playing Pokemon FireRed.

Conversation of the day

–Pops walks in while I pretend to read.

Pops: Want to go to Church with your mom and me?

Me: Well, I………errr. It’s not Palm Sunday is it?

Pops: No.

Me: Errrrrrr………wahhhhhhh..hmm…..uhhh(trails off)

–Pops leaves.


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