The World Giveth and Taketh-Awayeth

Today was long and full of ups and down. These were the two big things.

First, I received a lovely call from the IRS office in Maryland offering me the opportunity for a summer internship there.

Then, 2 hours later, as I picked up my friend from her night class the Camaro turns off, which isn’t that unusual anymore. The only problem was it wouldn’t turn on long enough for me to shift into drive.

I don’t believe in karma. There’s too much order in karma. I’m more of a balance kinda guy. The world gives and takes. And, no, I don’t think that because I believe in a balance, I had this coming.

Conversation with my sister.

Sister: Remember that time you broke the window and told me not to tell anyone because you’d get in trouble.

Me: (silence)…way to bum me out. I call with good news (after IRS, before Camaro) and you end with this.

Sister: What, no. The window thing wasn’t bad. It was funny.


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