Today’s events reinforced my last post. I couldn’t fix my car.  The Camaro is going to need help from Pops. It definitely makes me feel bad to not be able to fix it myself. I love the Camaro.

Following that realization, I got good news. I’m going to California for the summer to work with the IRS. I had originally thought I might have to go to Baltimore to work with the IRS. But today I got to choose between Laguna Niguel, California and Mesa, Arizona. No offense to Mesa and Baltimore, but I’m definitely more excited to go to California.

I know I should want to work with the IRS over keeping the Camaro, but I don’t know. I love the Camaro.

There weren’t too many funny conversations today. Just a lot of thinking about what matters to me and the future.

Conversation with some classmates

Me: I thought I did well on the test. I had most of the multiple choice questions down to 2 solutions.

Me: I looked at the first page of questions I had down to two solutions, and I got all of them right. I looked at the second page, and I got all of them wrong.


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