changing thursdays

Today was my first day back at work in about a week. I told people about the IRS internship, so I better make sure I do everything I need to do to finish getting it or I’ll look like a dumbass. I had an appointment to get fingerprinted today at 8 in the  morning, but I went to the wrong place. I made another appointment, same time, for tomorrow. It’s a big step in avoiding dumbassery.

Other than that, today went as planned. Tonight is comedy show night. There were all new episodes today so I didn’t get any school work done. Tomorrow I’m going to watch Scream, so I guess I’ll try to write my history paper on Saturday. Just as planned.

I’m going to miss days like today. I’ll still watch tv. No doubt. I’m going to miss playing yu-gi-oh! with Sonia. That’s been a lot of fun these last couple of years. We’ve had a lot of fun together. She doesn’t believe me when I say we’ll still be friends after we graduate.

I guess she doesn’t think we’re that good of friends.

I can’t blame her. I don’t have the best track record with friends. Once I don’t see them everyday-ish, I do get distant. I don’t know. I’m too shy. I don’t want to embarrass myself with them, so if they call, and I miss the call, I’m too embarrassed to call back. Yea, it’s stupid but it’s true. I’m not a phone person. I have to be in a good mood to answer the phone.

(before this next paragraph I was using “I” a lot. I’m a selfish blogger. I, I, I, I, I, am a selfish blogger.)

Other friends have been lost because friendships are not maintained, duh. Well, let’s examine what makes people ‘friends’. I’d say two things: shared experiences, and shared interests. The shared experiences definitely take a drastic drop because of distance. So there is a reliance on shared interests. I’m pretty sure phone calls and communication have to be increased to make up for the drop in shared experiences.

Maybe I’m missing smaller chunks of ‘friendship’, but to each their own composition.

In conclusion, I suck at friendship.

Funny Memory of the Day

Powerpuff Girl’s Episode when Bubbles needs glasses. Time: 1:41



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3 responses to “changing thursdays

  1. Still miss you, bro. I was sitting at the Magic table wondering if you ever played that card game. In that moment I more than wished you were there with me. 🙂

    • Hey. Nope, I don’t play Magic. Playing more than one card game is EXPENSIVE. I stick to the you yu-gi-oh! because my cousins like it too. It’s nice to know we pop into each other’s heads.

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