Scream and Shout!

Two important things happened today.

First, I saw Scream 4. I’m not going to review the movie but watch out! people get stabbed. Scream 4 was a great movie. Why? Because that movie took me back in time. It took me to 1996 when Scream premiered, and it let me watch Scream in a theater.

Great movies make you think and feel. Comedies are special because they’re supposed to not be serious and make you laugh. But I digress. Scream 4 definitely made me feel. Nostalgia can bring happiness often.

Second, I told 2 people at work about the IRS internship. Today, I received a sea of congratulations from co-workers that included many comments. They were:

  • “Congratulations.”
  • “We’re so proud of you.”
  • “Wow, that’s amazing. You’re going to love it.”
  • “oh, you’re not going to know anybody? You better make friends quick.”
  • “I’m going to need your 3 musketeers bar to get over the sadness of you leaving.”
  • “Watch out for the earthquakes, mudslides, and those fires. Oh, I forgot tsunamis.”

Conversation after I got popcorn before Scream 4

Me: I asked the popcorn guy what was their refill policy. He said it was full price. No more free refills. In the Scream spirit, I was going to go…Ahhhhhhhh! But I thought that might be weird.

The special project I worked on during work.

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