Irks and Quirks

I hate it when people make bad decisions, consistently. Once, twice, every two or three weeks is fine. I don’t have an issue with that. But constant bad decisions really irritate me. Why don’t people take the time to think and come to the right answer?

Look, I’m not perfect. I’ll admit when I make a mistake, on that rare occasion. Most of the time I don’t consider my failing errors, because I understand why I’m making them. For example, when I have to write a paper I procrastinate. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Procrastinating is fine by me because I deal with the consequences. I am responsible for them.

Today, my friend makes a bad decision and I have to pay for it. It happens all too often and I won’t miss that.

On a less serious note, my haircut has passed that magical one week period where it looks nice, or at least the way it’s supposed to. It just looks shaggy now. I want to avoid the bumpy hair look that happens for an entire week after a get a haircut. I’ll have to time it right to hit the magical week in time for Edgefest.

oh, weird thing happened just now. The blow stats says I got 60 views today. I know! What’s going on. I was averaging like 10 views a day. This must be a prank.

Conversation of the day

I’ve known you since before you had braces.

Yep, I used to have braces. Thank God that’s over.


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