Chocolate Hospital

I’ve started having a different type of breakfast. Nowadays I have a 3 Musketeers candy bar for breakfast. That fluffy chocolate really hits the spot. Its only around 200 calories, not that I’m counting. Two days ago I had a Snickers for breakfast. That was a bad idea. It did go down well like the 3 Musketeers does.

I’m surprised that I’ve actually done work on my history paper. Very surprised.

Tomorrow, I’m going to see Ludovico in his new movie.

Hey know what I just realized? In Scream 4, one of the movie geeks looks like a teenage Macaulay Culkin. Weird.

Conversation of the day – Guy in class talks about asking his friend for a ride to the military hospital.

Guy in class: Hey I need a ride to the hospital. The whole room is spinning.

Friend:  Come on dude. I’m watching That 70’s Show. Wait 10 minutes.

Friend arrives and takes Guy to hospital. [In car]

Guy: Dude what happened?

Friend: I went to your house to pick you up and you had left your front door open. You were crawling on the ground with your car keys in your hands.

At the military hospital

Guy: Hey I need to see a doctor. I’m really dizzy. I just passed out.

Nurse: No problem sir. What’s your rank?

Guy: Seaman.

Nurse: Take a seat over there.

Guy: Fuck.


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