Christers! Attack

Christers. Noun. People who only go to mass on Christmas and Easter. Damn Christers took all the seats and now all the people who deserve seats have to stand.

That was the situation at church today. My family and I showed up 20 mins before 9 o’clock mass and all the Christers had taken all the seats and most of the standing room. We had to stand during the whole mass. Within the first 10 mins, I was ready to bolt! After those initial minutes, I decided to stay until the end. What a depressing way to start Easter Sunday.

Things got better. We had an early lunch. Then we watched Iron Man 2 and half of Red. Then there was a blindfolded Easter Egg Hunt. Then a small feast and dessert. Then the family watched Marlene’s 15 video. I only saw half of it because I had to return to Austin.

Speaking of stuff. A while ago, I realized that my friend would never forgive me, for driving me around in high school, when I couldn’t drive. I’ve realized that I’ll never forgive her for not once being able to drive me to Dallas or Austin.

Similarly, I’ve realized that I’m bothered by a bad co-pilot. I need a good co-pilot that will be able to hand me food to eat without distracting me. oh! or eats something smelly. Some one who doesn’t blast! the radio when a good song starts playing. Some one who doesn’t mess with the ac/heater every 10 mins. Bad co-pilots suck.

Conversation of the Day

Me: Hurry up and give me something for the ‘Conversation of the day’ so I can post my blog

Friend: Well we didn’t talk much today.

Me: That’s true. I guess It’d have to be something I said with somebody interesting.

Friend: Go F**K yourself (That’s right. I censored you.)


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