Indecisive Decisions

Why was I so indecisive today? What was I going to have for lunch? I wanted to watch the Manchester United game. I knew that. Should I go somewhere to eat and watch the game? I spent all of last night and today from the moment I woke up until 1:20 deciding and un-deciding where I should go and what to have for lunch. I don’t understand why it took me so long to decide.

I wanted to make the right choice. I’m pretty sure I can say that with certainty.

I have the same issue with Edgefest this year. I want to go, but I want to go to the Kermes too. The difference here is I feel I need to go to the Kermes. I don’t need to go to Edgefest. I’ve flipped on going, or not going, to Edgefest for a whole week.

I think I’ve known that ultimately I would go to the Kermes and not Edgefest. This has been a longer version of last weekend’s decision to go home for Easter. I needed to go through this process of should I, shouldn’t I? to know I’ve made the right decision. How else do you know you’re right, if you don’t question yourself.

On my walls I have quotes that have caught my attention because they ring true to me. One quote on my wall is this

If you shut your door to all errors, truth will be shut out.

Point is, I went to Twin Peaks and watched the game there. It was really exciting. I’m ecstatic Man U won. Tomorrow I return to the archives to do some research so I can write my history paper. Then I shall go the library to do more research. Finally I will most probably have a burrito from Cabo Bob’s and try to not look like a hobo. Then I shall attempt to write more of my paper.

oh, old politics. Truman’s great speech in 1952. He’s just telling the truth.

Finally, I finished my deep-sea diver. Pictures below. The left hand took me a long time. I could not wrap my mind around that hand pose. That hand took me about 3 days of on and off drawing. The rest of the diver took me 5 mins? tops.

Conversation of the Day – I’m glad I went to class

Professor: Who knows what an revocable trust is?

Kid: Something you can take back?

Professor: Exactly. If I set up a revocable trust for my daughter and she becomes a drug addict, I can revoke the trust because she’s going to use the money to shoot up heroine.

Professor: Then I can use the money to go shoot up heroine.


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