Hard Titles

I’m not going to lie guys/gals. I’m tired. I’ve been up late sunday through tuesday. I need to get a good 7 hours tonight so I can stay up late tomorrow and then go to work and drive home on friday.

Dang I forgot that I have to pack a bunch of my stuff on Thursday night. Screw it I’m not going to pack. I’m going to throw things in the truck and hope they get home in one piece.

I wish I had something funny to end the blog with, but I don’t know. Class wasn’t funny. I did see one funny picture of an Easter bunny scaring a dog that my classmate showed me. That’s their photo though. I don’t want to steal it.

One awesome note. Craiglist helped my cousin sell the Edgefest tickets for me. The people who are getting them, on the way cheap, are souper happy. I hope they’re happy when they get the tickets tomorrow.

Conversation with myself

Really? Am I going to take this book to the restroom with me. I do need to read it. Yea, but how long am I actually going to be in there. Oh god, am I going to be one of those people? Maybe I shouldn’t, but then maybe I should.

I should make a pros and cons list….in the restroom. Wait so I’ll need to take a pencil in there. That’s ridiculous.

Know what’s ridiculous, you can have been reading right now, or you could have already gone to the restroom. So does that mean I have to read in the restroom to make up for the lost time?

oh screw it, where’s my Gameboy?


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