Osama bin Laden

All of my posts have a two word title. That was going to be my thing. Today’s title is different because today is special.

Osama bin Laden is dead.

Today is a day that has historical significance. Today is the most important day since 9/11. This is what I mean. We tend to look at calendars to divide our years into centuries. But calendars don’t represent changes in culture, society, and life. In reality, centuries begin and end based on events. Our century didn’t start on Jan 1, 2000. The 21st century started on 9/11. Today closes the chapter on the immediate effects of 9/11.

The death of the man who orchestrated 9/11 is also closure for me. I was in my middle school library when I saw the planes hit the world trade center towers. I have lived all of my conscious life in this post-9/11 world.

9/11 defined my world.

Today is, at the least, a day of hope. Things will change for the better. 10 years have been spent fighting wars. The next 10 years don’t have to be spent the same way.

Conversation of the Day

Osama bi Laden is dead

(said by every TV station in the US, said at least 300,000,000 times in the US, and said at least 6 billion times in the world.)

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