Fun Satisfaction

I don’t go ‘out’ often. I don’t go to bars and such. I do go to concerts but they are hard to enjoy when it’s just me and my friend. I always feel like I have to take care of her when we go to concerts. She’s so little! and that makes me think I have to take care of her.

I’m always the ones to drive when we go to concerts so I can’t be drinking.

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Alright, so I went to the concert. It was great. Childish Gambino is awesome.

One thing related to yesterday’s post. The Mavs won tonight. They beat the Lakers. History suggests the Mavs aren’t tough enough to win. The Mavs blow big leads and crash and burn, usually. I can’t feel if things are changing. I not sure, but I’m definitely watching it and feeling it.

So, two things. I saw the new trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game and there is a easter egg in it. When you play the trailer backwards, it is the lullaby from Ocarina of Time. So under the trailer there is a forum where these hipsters are bagging on each other. The hipsters say Ocarina of Time is overrated and regular gamers are bagging on them! check it out!!

Conversation of the Day – Childish Gambino concert txts after a few beers (great spelling btw, no grammar/spelling corrections made) – Responses omitted

Me: Man, I have to pee. I shouldn’t have had those beers so early. But I didn’t want to be wasted and drive, you know?

Me: Hey, the guy who used to have a cooking show on seutv is here. I’m starstruck!

Me: There’s also an asian guy with a beard here. That’s crazy right?

Me: Yea its crazy because he’s not like 100 years old. He’s like 30 tops.

Me: Oh, we have our first too wasted chick. She just made her way to the stands, carrried, and being fed water.

Me: Just took 2 pictures for a threesome of girls.

Me: The girl dancing on the bleachers is going to fall, yo.

Me: There aren’t that many [crazies], just the ones I mentioned and a lady who brought her pitbull.

Me: After 30 mins, the pitbull has left the venue.

Me: Hey I see one of those girls with feathers in her hair like the school paper was talking about.

Me: Alright piss problem solved.

Me: I know you’d care. Its imprtant. Now I can enjoy shit or get more beer.

Me: I think he just referencing the book ‘Things Fall Apart’.

Me: Alright I think its over. I hope my ears aren’t buzzing. By the way how do you sleep aren’t. Like that or arn’t.


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