Historical Triumph

First news of the day/night. I finished my TV paper. I think it’s ok. It’s not the best. More editing time would be nice but those are the consequences of procrastination. The only thing left is to turn it in before 9 am tomorrow.

After that I’ll have 2 final exams to deal with the rest of Monday.

This weekend has not been one of my best. Sure I had the paper to contend with, but I’ve been making bad decisions all weekend. I don’t want to get into that right now though.

oh, can you believe the Mavs swept the Lakers? I can’t. That shit is ridiculous. I hope people don’t jump on the Mavs bandwagon. That’s just give them a bigger chance to disappoint everyone. Maybe they won’t. I hope not.

oh man, 10 more days and I’ll be moving back to Dallas. I have spent my 700+ days in Austin and now it’s almost time to leave.

What a tough weekend. Sleep time.


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