iChange Phones

I got an iphone today. It’s my first iphone or smart phone of any kind. I understand the appeal of a phone that does a bunch of stuff, but I haven’t really wanted to get one. But things are changing and maybe I should get a more grown up phone.

The only game I have right now is Scrabble. I’m playing with my sister and I’m pretty sure she’s cheating. The Scrabble app has a dictionary where you can check your words to see if they are actual words. That takes the fun out of challenging words and busts the game. It makes it illegit.

The coolest thing I’ve done with the iphone so far is sell my iphone case. I found one on eBay and clicked the ‘sell similar item’. I took a picture of it and I posted it for sale. That was cool. The GPS tracking thing was not cool. It was pretty creepy.

Alright, well I’m off to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow.

and . . . yes, today’s title was a reference to iCarly.


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