Emergency Provisions

ohhhhhh. I started to feel real sick all of a sudden. blahhh. I think I’m going to throw up. Damn you brownies and milk + physical exercise. oohhh

I was going to say, damn my viewership has crashed. I have this bar graph when I log in that shows viewership by day. It has dived. If you are reading this, you are one of 10 people.

ohhhh, the nausea!

I sold the iphone case on ebay. I think I”m going to leave the 20 bucks in my paypal so it can pay for the next 3 months of netflix. ahhhh, ouch.

Dang, I’m going to have to pack soon. I’m going to put everything in plastic bags. I hear it might rain on friday. That would suck bc I’m going to be carrying a mattress and ping-pong table home.

ohhhh. Fuck this. I’m going to sleep.

hey, I have words with friends and the scrabble apps on my iphone. Find me. Username is luishdz38 for both.

Conversation of the Day

Me: Dude I think I broke my Excel. Whenever I press the keys, it won’t switch cells.

Co-worker: oh that doesn’t sound good.

Me: Yea, I heard someone walk by and I turned to see who it was. That’s when I smacked the keyboard and then my arrow keys didn’t work.

Co-worker: Well you know you could have avoided that by minding your own business and not turning around.

Me; Well yea, but then I’d have to do actual work.

Co-worker: You’d better fake it or you won’t make it until Thursday. We’ll fire you on Wednesday.


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