Biggest Fan

Today was arts and crafts day at work. Ok not really. But! There was plenty of kindergarten work to be done. There is an example below.

All this work is in preparation for tomorrow company/baseball spirit day. I hear there is going to be a free lunch. Hot dogs and such. I will definitely be going to work tomorrow.

I skipped out on work early today to take a trip tone salt lick. It’ll probably be my last trip there. It was delicious. Everyone should to to the salt lick. After I got home I passed out into a barbecue coma. I slept for 3 hours! It was great.

I wrote this blog on my iPhone so I there are any grammar mistakes I apologize.


This big fan is for our company’s biggest fan competition. Funny right? Under this we set up the four bases.

Conversation of the Day

Me: Jimmy do you like the sign I made? It for the people who don’t get that it’s a play on words.

Jimmy: I’d be more concerned about someone stealing the bases.

Me: bud um pum. Nice one.


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