Shadow Staring

Boy did I have a busy day at work. I spent about an hour staring at one of those 3D pictures that is covered with a bunch of squiggly lines. So to see the picture you have to look past the squiggles.

I finally saw the picture when a coworker told me to stare at my reflection in the picture then take a few slow steps back. It worked like a charm!

That was a psychadelic experience. Straight up. That’s what getting high must feel like. Picture below.

Other than that the whole day at work made me feel like a fatty. There was so much junk food at work. There were peanuts, hot dogs, chips, pickles, nachos, cotton candy, and finally cracker jack!

I wasn’t so crazy about the cracker jack. Ever since I had popcorn from popcornoplois, other popcorn isn’t as delicious.

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I hope they give me half the day off, with pay! Or they buy me lunch. Or the give me a puppy! Or a pony, no! A baby pony!



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  1. Sonia

    It’s here!

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