Magneto Continued

I completely passed out before posting the last…post.

But yes, magnetism is the best power to have. Mental powers seem like to much of an ethical dilemma, all the time. Fire powers seem cool but if you mess up with them you risk seriously burning people, which is a fate worse than death most times.

Super strength or super speed could be imitated with magnetic powers. The only thing I would have a hard time choosing over magnetism is weather controlling powers.

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Moving out of my apartment was a hassle. Now my room in Dallas is full of boxes and I’m too lazy to unpack. The Internet at the house sucks. The TV reception isn’t very good either. I hope I don’t miss the good chunks of SNL.

The writing comes direct from my iPhone and from Ivan’s house. The kiddos are playing the guitar hero and I need something to do.

Surprise party at my house tomorrow. Don’t tell me.

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I didn’t make it home on time to watch the good parts of SNL. I’ll watch it when I have a faster internet speed, or Monday. I ended up playing some guitar hero drums. It was ok. I couldn’t do medium though. Either way it was kinda cool. So was Full Metal Alchemist’s robot.

Conversation of the Day

Too many to choose from: music categorizing argument, air bender comments, full metal alchemist comments. you pick!


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