Party Time

Today mother threw a party for my graduation. It was such a hassle. There was so much preparation to do for the party. There were chairs/tables to set up. Food to prepare and cook. Decorations to put up. It was so much work. I’d much rather go to someone’s party so I can leave the mess at this house. This mess will be here for us to clean up tomorrow.

The party wasn’t so much about me. It was really for them. Mom was showing off my accomplishments. It wasn’t so bad. There were people I didn’t know here, as always, but it wasn’t such a big deal this time.

No, I didn’t run away this time. There was no repeat of the last graduation party. I did not get to make a . . . toast. Pops and Mom did. I did not get the opportunity.


Well it’s a big day tomorrow. I’m going to go to the movies. Then I’ll eat and try to unpack. I also have to go TWC and see how much installing cable/internet will cost. The Internet at the house sucks! Then in the evening there will be some jogging at the park. I’m excited.

Conversation of the DayPlaying Pictionary

Me: It’s a penis!

Me: Ew, stop drawing that. No one wants to see a penis.

Me: You know what I”m thinking….that last word I drew was tear not tear. I shouldn’t have drawn that face. Hey roll me back 8 spaces.


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