Getting Pawned

Two things about the title. First, it’s referring to Danny. He always says this word and today I pawned him at jogging. Looks like I can jog longer than Danny for less than 12 mins but more than 8mins. Second, I think I spelled it wrong. I hear its powned? I don’t know. I say pawned.

One thing that’s bothering me is a dream I had last night. I recently had a cold argument with a good friend. We never really argued, but a series of events has resulted in an undeclared separation. Last night I dreamed we were at the same place. She talked to me and I was the proper amount of friendly. Then she told me to txt her.

I spent most of the day thinking that there was going way I was going to txt her because I am angry/hate her. As the day went by I realized I don’t hate her. We’re just not friends anymore. We disagreed. Things happened and we’re not friends. I shouldn’t be angry or hold a grudge because we weren’t good friends. That was the definition of the argument in my eyes. The end result was, I realized we weren’t really good friends so let’s make it that way. Why pretend?


Link of the Day

Here is a link to a blog written by a stripper. It’s pretty funny. This is a good post because well, they thoughts exactly, even though this particular post is not about any stripper related subject.

For All the Smarty-Pants Strippers ... … who are also concerned with font (all six of you): ❤ :: aS … Read More

via Diary of an Angry Stripper


Finally, my sisters and I got sucked into watching a television special about commercials. In effect, we were watching commercials for an entire hour and in between commercials we were anxious for the other commercials to return.

I didn’t agree with the eventual winner of the commercial ‘competition’ but it was fun to watch. One of the commercials I finally re-saw was the Fed-Ex commercial from two Super Bowls ago. It ends with a dinosaur crushing a caveman.

The commercial that should have won EVERYTHING is this.

One day I’ll escape this nightmare too.


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