Weather Disrupted

I didn’t do much today. I unpacked. I still haven’t finished, but it was a start.

The coolest thing was the weather. I enjoyed it. I like thunderstorms and the rain. The only problem I have with this weather is the power outages. That’s not cool. Especially since my house is always around 80 degrees and it does not do well with humidity. It gets extremely uncomfortable fast.

I went outside right before the rain came and hail arrived. It was really cool because the lightning looked awesome. There was about 1 lightning strike every 8 seconds. It was amazing.

oh, one more thing I don’t like about the weather is that it messes up my going to the park schedule. I didn’t get to jog or play tennis today. That blew.

My grandma’s novenario starts on Friday. I think it’s going to be at 7. That’s going to mess up my work out schedule too but I’ll accept that. For my grandma.

Moment of the Day

I realized my pops loved me enough to hit me. That’s love.
At least that’s the way I’m spinning it forever.
I’ll rationalize it to my kids this way too.


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