Amassing Masses

I was going to write this tomorrow but the NyQuil hit me too soon.

I went to mass yesterday. I would like going to mass if I didn’t feel so bummed after going. It bums me out that I have to go. Not that I would like to go, as it is right now. Mass has become so forced and even more……demanding. I have to sit through the whole thing. The singing. I don’t like the singing. That’s not how I communicate with God. And there is so much singing. The worst part is the sermon. The sermon is always about how you should do this and that because the Bible says so, or because the church says so. I would prefer if the mass tried to convince you to be a good person because that is what Jesus taught.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it sounds like mass uses fear more than love to send its message.

I also wouldn’t mind different passages from the Bible. Every year it the same ones. Boring. As someone who has attended years for mass, I get it. Those are good stories but come on. The Bible is huge! Pick an obscure one. If you aren’t so sure the passage relates to the rest of the passages in the Bible, say so. I won’t mind. The Bible should be taken as a whole anyway. You can keep the important passages for the holidays, but come on. Refresh yourselves.


I don’t know if other cultures do this, but my family is in the middle of my grandma’s novenario. A novenario is done every year for nine years after a person’s death. Each year for nine days, ending on the day of the death, a rosary is prayed for the deceased soul.

I like the idea of remembering the deceased especially because it was my grandma and we were close. I’m not crazy about the reason for the novenario. From what the prayers say, it is to get the deceased out of purgatory. I’m not a believer in purgatory. I think that’s all I have to say about that.

I miss you grandma.



Thing of the Day – Check out this Japanese video game!


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