Finished Unpacking

A few things happened today. I woke up late which was great. Then I began unpacking. I finished unpacking late in the afternoon. Tomorrow I’m going to put up some decorations and start…packing. I’m leave Friday morning.

Unpacking kept my mind busy the whole afternoon. It helped me avoid thinking about moving. I did get plenty dizzy in the middle of the afternoon. It’s leftover sickness. I hate the smell of sickness I get while….I’m sick. It’s gross.

In the morning while I avoided unpacking, I came across a video of one of those large-scale lip synching videos. It was from the people of Grand Rapids, MI. Their song of choice was ‘American Pie’. I looked into the meaning of the song and it is about the day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and JP Richardson died in a plane crash. That song is really sad. It hit me hard. Actually, I thought the song would open the emotional flood gates that have been full because of all the recent changes in my life. But it didn’t.

I’m surprised I haven’t cried yet. Big stuff has happened in my life. Where are the tears for all that I’ve lost?

No Conversation of the Day today because frankly, I can’t remember them right now. There was a lot of laughter today. The afternoon laughter I don’t remember because I was dizzy from medicine. The evening laughter was way more situational. I can’t explain it well.

Here’s the video.


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  1. Sonia

    The video to Shake Me Down made me cry…hard. It was incredibly sad. It should have come with a warning.

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