oh Tuesday

Just as I start to finish unpacking I have to begin packing.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before I leave.  Should I check my luggage, or should I ship my clothes to California? How am I going to spend my last two days in Dallas? Will I remember to pack everything?

The California questions are the toughest. What will I do there? How will I spend my time? What will I eat? Will I make a friend/friends? What will I have to do at work? Will I be able to do it? Will I like it? Was this the right decision?


Today, fear hit me like a sack of frozen oranges. Those unanswered questions are making me afraid. That’s not entirely accurate. What is really bothering me is having to think about these questions. Moving back home 2 weeks ago was a lot easier. There was almost no time to let things simmer. There was sooooo much to do. Quick decisions needed to be made and I made them.

I have the next two days to think, which is the scary part, and to prepare.

We do not have anything to fear but fear itself.

Sometimes I wish I was more courageous.

Conversation of the Day – at my nephew’s birthday party

*Girl Cousin playing “Hot Tamale” song*

Boy Cousin: Hey what is that?

Girl Cousin: Hot Tamale song.

Boy Cousin: oh, are you playing that again?

Girl Cousin: Yea so what?

Boy Cousin: You’ve played it so much. Why don’t you play something else?

Me: Geesss, why don’t you guys just make out already?

*Awkward Silence*


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