Travel Freely

I woke up so early today! It was 7 in the morning. I know. I exaggerate. I had some coffee and a bite of a muffin. That was all I ate until 7:30.

The plane ride was fine. I slept a few minutes. I read a lot in my inevitable revolutions book. It was nice to read some history again.

Oh, the whole plane ride I tried to guess the age of the girl/lady sitting next to me. I like to guess girl/ladies ages because it’s fun and because I’m usually wrong and it helps to practice. So at first I was thinking she was late teens or early 20s. Then I saw what she was reading (a book called the Valkyries) and how it looks like a children’s book. She also didn’t have a grown up purse. So I changed my guess to middle teens.

At the end of the flight, she talked a bit to a father type figure and that cemented my middle teens guess. Then! when I went to check in with the internship people she was there too. She is an intern. That must mean she is late teens or early 20s.

So I was right but more accurately, I was wrong.


I made friends with one of my roommates. I don’t think I’m going to get along with the other one as well. It’s three of us to a room. It’s very crowded. I was going to start talking to this other group of guys but I listened for a bit before entering the conversation and one of the guys was kinda douchy, another guy was pretty cool for about 15mins then I got tired of him talking so much. The other 3 were beta males. It was funner just watching the group dynamics.

Conversation of the Day – Roommate’s Working Construction Stories

Roommate: I feel through the rafters and got stuck on a crossbeam.

Roommate: I hammered nails into my hand.

Roommate: I nail gunned my hand to the roof.


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