Orientating Fun

Orientation was today. It was…..long. I had heard everything 2 years ago and there was almost nothing new. The information was the same, most of the people were different, except for one person. That made all the difference. That made this orientation way better than last orientation. It made thing orientation bearable and, dare I say, fun. The free food was pretty good.

Orientation was a great chance to watch people, just like yesterday’s reception. Watching people is hilarious! I met some cool people. There are a lot of Puerto Ricans in this internship program. One guy was pretty cool.

My roommate is pretty cool. After orientation we went out to get some dinner and we ended up at a bar/pub called Maddy’s. It was pretty tight in there. We sat down and had some beers, haha I wrote bears. We had some dinner. We waited for and watched the entire Bruins vs Canucks game. It was crazy. Those Canucks won in the first 10 seconds of overtime. Frankly, it was also disappointing because we had just ordered some wings and another round of bears, kidding, beers, to enjoy this sudden death overtime. And it was over so quickly.

But yea, I had some pretty crazy beers. There was Batch 19, the classic Guinness, some hmm dirty dog brew, then another Batch 19, and a East-West brew. It was pretty crazy. Then I went to the restroom and my roommate paid for everything. I know! He’s awesome. He gave a good tip too because the bar tender had a free shot of Jameson whiskey with us. After that I managed to get us to the Metro stations and back to the hotel. oh, I’m great.

There’s a BBQ tomorrow that is sponsored by the orientation program. Hopefully I’ll be back at the hotel in time to catch the Mexico game. Then I want to catch the Mavs and Heat game with some peoples I meet here that are from Dallas.

Man, what a long day it was.

There is this crazy spinning thing in front of me that is making me kinda dizzy. It’s down below. Pretend it’s spinning pretty fast.

No conversations for you today. Go read a book.


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