Wonderful World

I’m writing this blog now. Unless you, out there, are reading this. Then I wrote this in the past. This post serves two purposes. One, I don’t want to miss another day like I did about a week ago and since I’m not sure if I’ll have internet access soon, I’m preparing this post.

Two, I’m pretty sure I’ve said this; people make the place. Great people make great experiences. Great people change lives. Great people make life worth living. I’m not in the happiest place right now because I’m nervous about the upcoming move, but this gives me hope and some calm.

The clip below was taken by a kindergarten teacher in Monterrey, Mexico. There was a drug shoot-out outside her class room. She kept her students clam and safe during this horrible event. She recorded the event to show how drug violence hurts society. Everyday she has to keep her children safe from this violence. Luckily these children have her.

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