Memory Lapse

I was going to write about the things that happened today but so many different things that happened. If I remembered and wrote about one of these things in particular, over time wouldn’t it make the one thing I wrote about more important than the rest? I lot did happen today (Sunday). I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Today, today I did this: Went to the zoo, went to the American History Museum, went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ll post up the pictures somewhere. I saw some really great things. The zoo had pandas. It was cool to see them. At least know I know they’re real and some sort of hoax. The history museum was great. I saw some cool stuff. I left my phone downstairs so I can’t tell you everything I took a picture of but the coolest things were parts of the Berlin Wall, Kermit the frog, Stephen Colbert’s portrait, and Lincoln’s hat. That’s in no particular order. Buffalo Wild Wings was pretty cool. It was a week day so it was kinda slow so no one kicked us out and that was cool. The wings were ok. They weren’t the best. The coolest thing there was the poker game thing that you could play on the television. It was pretty wild.

Oh man, my roommate says wild. It rubbed off on me.


Today made yesterday seem less special. I guess I really thought yesterday was grand. Today made yesterday seem as cool as my other days in DC. They have been amazing. I’m slightly sad to leave. I wish I could spend more time here. On a separate, but similar, note my stomach is still upset. First I thought it was because I was nervous about going somewhere new. You know the whole fear of the unknown thing. Now I think it must be something I ate, or possibly a lot of the things I ate.

So what did happen yesterday? That is a good question. All the interns went out to some ranch in the middle of the Maryland forest. There was a BBQ and some games. I played minigolf and some basketball. Then we came back. I took a nap and went out with some of the guys in the hotel. We went to an Uno pizzeria. We got back just in time to see Dirk miss the last shot of the Mavs/Heat game. Then I slept. Pretty crazy I know.

Disappointed? I bet you thought it was going to be SOO great! because I sat on telling the story.




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