What’s Baja?

Man, I’m tired. I’m waking up at 6am and getting home past 6pm. Then I have to get some dinner and yea. Today the land lord lady took me around the town. This place has some great scenery. It is really amazing.

I had lunch at Baja Fresh. It’s like a fast food, authentic Mexican place. I told the guys no onions on my tacos and they gave me onions. They weren’t the worst onions. The tacos weren’t all that delicious. I tried what Ivan used to do to the tacos at Taco Bell that have sour cream. He douses them in hot sauces. Then eats them and the sour cream taste is negated. I did that and the tacos were eatable.

Then, I unexpected went to Baja Fresh for dinner too. I asked for no onions and those guys gave me onions! Bastards. It was a different location. Anyway I’m not going back. It’s too bad Baja Tacos was closed. What’s with people putting “Baja” in their restaurant’s name?

Conversation of the Day

Co-worker: This system lets us find out any information about the taxpayer. See, this is the taxpayer’s SSN, DOB, and address. He lives in Escondido.

Me: haha, that’s funny.

Co-worker: Yea it is. Why?

Me: Because Escondido is spanish for hiding. He lives in Hiding, California.


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