Sexy Ladies – Hair

What makes lady attractive? Sure it’s her personality. She needs to be confident. Inner-beauty. Blah blah blah. I’m not going to write about that because I don’t want to. It’s all physical today.

A friend of mine wrote an interesting hair piece. Bud uhm pum. Pun.

Hair is sexy. Long hair on a girl is very attractive IF it’s soft, shiny, and smells girly. Well kept hair is a very obvious sign that a lady cares how she looks and that she cares about herself. That is sexy.

Short hair isn’t bad. Long hair is just more attractive. Want to know how I came to this conclusion? Role playing. No not that kind. I meant role playing for sex. Ladies with long hair can more effectively dress up as teachers, secretaries, lawyers, and any professional really. And that is very sexy.


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