The Broken Curse

The MAVERICKS win!!!

There has been an unofficial curse on the city of Dallas. Sports team in Dallas have not won any championships since the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup. The Mavs failed in 2006, as we were continuously reminded for 5 years. The Cowboys have sucked. The Stars weren’t a championship team. And the Rangers, FINALLY did something good last season only to mess up at the end.

The city of Dallas deserves this. It’s been through a lot. If I said anymore, it would take away from the importance of the day.

Now the, at least for the summer, the curse is over.

Conversation of the Day – About In N Out

Me: Hey there’s a line out the door at this In N Out.

Friend: Yea, that’s the norm.

Me: The receipt says I’m #70 and they’re on 45 right now.

Friend: Damn, that’s a long line.


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