June Gloom

There’s something down here called June Gloom. No it’s not a young adult author. It’s like a season, is what it is. June Gloom describes the days in June when it is cloudy and gloomy in the morning, but sunny in the afternoon. oh, it’s June Gloom, was all I heard my first week here.

June Gloom. It’s really nice here. I see why so many people live here, even though it’s more expensive than other parts of the country. I wouldn’t mind living here. I would like to live here. I’d like it as much as I would like living in NYC.

I don’t miss home much. I miss the people at home but not the place. Just the people.

Today I had some fun at work. I did some research. Then I walked to In N Out for lunch. Then I returned and did more research. I don’t really have ‘work’ to do at work. I’m more of an observer. I have decided to start working out at work. Tomorrow, I’m going to get a badge to get into the gym. I’ll probably start working out on Wednesday.

I wish I had a conversation of the day, but I didn’t really talk about anything interesting. I haven’t said a word since 5pm and its now 11pm.

oh! There’s only one black guy at the office, actually I haven’t seen another black guy in the building, and today was the second time he’s said anything to me. You know what it was?

He goes, “Are you from Dallas?

Me: Yes

He: Are you basketball fan?

Me: Yea

He: Then you saw the game?

Me: Yea, I still can’t believe it.

huh. I guess that was like a conversation of the day.


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