Different Friday

Today was one of those days. Throughout almost the entire day I didn’t feel like myself. While I was at work I felt that I was only looking through my eyes. That what I was experiencing wasn’t real. Throughout the day I kept asking myself, “Who am I?”, “What is this?”, and “What are you doing?” It troubles when I realize its happening. But looking back, it’s kinda funny. It makes me think of the Matrix. If the Matrix was real, that must have been the time to unplug. oh! maybe I am having a Yu-gi-oh! experience. Where an ancient pharaoh shares my body. Maybe that’s why I have these weird feelings. Maybe I’M THE PHARAOH.

I don’t know why I had trouble thinking of something interesting to write Wednesday.

That’s the day I started auditing a case at work. I’m auditing a lingerie business. While I look through their financials, I see their transaction details and it’s pretty funny. Some people spend near a hundred dollars on lingerie. There was the obvious spike in sales the week before Valentine’s Day and before Halloween, because they also sell those slutty costumes. A few people bought more than $500 dollars worth of stuff in one purchase. Two people bought more than $700 in one purchase.

The guys at work and I went to Arby’s for lunch. It was my first time going. The only memory I have of Arby’s is from a Simpsons episode. It’s the parody of the Lord of the Flies episode. The kids are stranded on an island and they’re hungry. They’re sitting around a campfire and one of the twins says, “I’m so hungry I can eat at Arby’s.” All the other kids go, oohhhh, ahhhh, wow she really must be hungry.

Hey, I’m checking my blog stats. Apparently the most viewed blog post is “Sexy Ladies – Boobs”. So thanks pervs for search ‘boobs’ and contributing to my blog views.

Fact of the Day – Star Wars

Damn! Did you know Samuel L Jackson kills Jango Fett? He cuts off his arm and then his head!


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