Suburbia Sucks

Of course it sucks. You have to drive, slowly, everywhere. Living in suburbia wastes so much gas commuting to work. It’s bad for the Earth yo. And as a single guy, who am I supposed to talk to? I’ll have to go down to the beach for that.

To Do List: Check out girls at the beach.

If suburbia was the beach, that would be cool. oh! speaking of the beach and water. These people here water their lawns so much. And it drains right straight to the ocean yo. At least that’s what the signs by the drains say. It’s not like they have to water that much. It’s practically drizzling every morning.

I have to say, I like this June Gloom. It’s pretty cool. It’s like having winter and summer at the same time.

Anyway, man I miss NYC. That’s a great place to live. I think I’d feel differently about the ‘burbs if I had a family. Pass.

Conversation of the Day

Co-worker: What have you been doing all morning?

Me: Updating my calendar.

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