In N Out

So I heard from my awesome cousin that the In N Out in Dallas, actual Dallas not the ‘burbs, is now open. Please, please fight the urge to go out there. There is going to be the traffic from hell. She says it’s worse than Laredo traffic. And trust me, and her, if she says it’s worse than Laredo-border traffic, it’s going to be BAD.

I urge you to drive to the nearest state and get some In N Out there. It’s worth it. At least you’ll be moving. Or, move to Laguna Niguel and work a 5 minute walk from In N Out at the ziggurat federal building like I do.

So to sum up. In N Out = delicious. Move to California (like me). In N Out = delicious (get chopped chilies on the burger (even though it’s not on the menu ask for it)).

Conversation of the Day – In N Out just opened (from my cousin)

Cousin: Not all of us are lucky like you to have it across the street. U should of seen the damn line it was worse than when we go to Mexico and we have to stop in Laredo.

Me: Damn that’s crazy. Tomorrow is going to be crazy at Northpark. You should get a cooler with bottles of water and set up shop in the traffic. You’ll make a killing.


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