Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Creative title. I know (sarcasm included). I’m a bit emotionally hurt at the moment. Usually, I look to television and movies for advice.

Today, Forgetting Sarah Marshall was on the television. It’s pretty relevant to my situation and so I gave it a re-re-watch (I saw it at the movies and on the way to California last summer).

It’s a great movie.

But, it lead me to realize that television and the movies insist that the best (and probably only) way to get over a girl is to find a new girl.

That seems wrong. That has to be insulting to someone, either the old girl or the new girl. I’m not sure but I’m not going to do it that way. Isn’t the best thing to let “time heal all wounds”? A movie with that plot wouldn’t make a lot of money.

Anyway……Here’s what I picture story of what I did today from 10 to noon. The 1st picture is of the house where I’m staying. From there I walked past where I catch the bus in the morning, and eat tacos! The 2nd pictures shows the bus stop on the right. The tacos are besides the liquor store. 3rd picture is at the park, which is past the tacos. There is a trail from the park that goes under IH5. The 4th pictures is from the middle of the trail. I live on the other side of the LA Fitness. After you walk a bit more on the trail you fit a big street. From the street to the mall there is nothing restaurants, blah, blah, blah. I walked to the In N Out by the mall. The 5th picture is the emptiest I have ever seen an In N Out. Lucky me.


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