Sexy Ladies – Attitude

A woman’s attitude is a huge contributor or detractor from her sexiness.

One of the sexiest attitude qualities is confidence. A confident woman is sexy. A confident woman won’t take any douchy pick up lines or fall for any of that nonsense. A confident woman is hard to get. And as we all know, playing hard to get is attractive, most of the time. Guys love the thrill of the chase. It probably reminds us of those times we used to hunt the things that we needed, instead of…driving our sisters to the mall so they can hunt the clothes they ‘need’.

Confidence is a double-edged sword. If I a woman is too confident, it can be a turn off. Almost no guy likes the arrogant, or sometimes bitchy, confident. Too much confidence often comes sounds as nagging. Nagging sucks. Paramore, the band, was pretty popular a year ago (oh la, la, la they have a female vocalist). But I could NOT like them because I couldn’t get past the singer’s voice. It had a nagging tone that completely turned me off to their music.

You know who has the perfect amount of confidence? Robin from How I Met Your Mother. There is a sexy, confident lady. It might be because she drinks scotch, has a gun, or is Canadian. But it is because she’s all those things with attitude! A confident attitude!

A different attitude is…..feeling like you’re the boss, being authoritative, or having a bossy attitude. A bossy attitude on a woman is sexy, if it’s in the office.

Here is proof. Power is sexy. Women are getting sexier.
PS – Power makes women cheat.
PSS – That’s awkwardly sexy.

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