Dreaming Dreams

Finally! A new NOVA episode. This one is about dreams. It’s really interesting to me because I dream just about every night. I can remember my dreams when I wake up for about 30 minutes. Somewhere I heard that you can remember your dreams longer if you don’t move a lot after you wake up. Once you start thinking moving other things occupy your mind and since you didn’t move when you were dreaming you forget it.

I find this to be true. I have a dream journal that I wrote in for about 2 months. Before I went to sleep I leave this journal open on my computer. When I woke up, I would unlock my computer and start typing. I did this without much movement. I stopped after 2 months because when I woke up I couldn’t remember my dreams any more.

I couldn’t remember my dreams.

I didn’t like not being able to remember my dreams. Dreams are helpful, like the NOVA special says. The mind works on stuff while you sleep. I liked being able to connect the events in my dreams to stuff that happened to me.

( Hey! I’ve seen this special on dreams. It got to the ski simulator part. A guy in an experiment is told to play this ski simulator game. He’s does ok. Then he goes to sleep and he dreams about playing the game during his fire REM cycles. Then in one of this last REM cycles, he tries to connect the ski game to things he knows about snow. When he plays the game the next day, he’s improved. )

My dreams are usually…..negative. Someone dies (not me), or is being chased (me), or is about to get hurt. That’s the part that is hardest to remember. The other boring stuff is easier to remember. Let me give you an example of how I try to connect my dreams to things that happened.

Last night, I dreamed I was back in Dallas at my house. Frank, my neighbor/best friend, got in his new Camaro and drove onto my lawn. He got out and asked me if I wanted to go see the Hangover 2 for $7 bucks.

Let me break it down.

Frank – He’s my neighbor. That is true. I usually don’t dream of him, so that was meaningful. Yesterday, I talked to my mom and she mentioned something about Frank. That’s probably why I dreamed about Frank.

Camaro – I love the Camaro, but I don’t dream about it often. Mom said Pops is trying to fix the Camaro. I have been thinking about the first thing I’m going to buy when I get a job, and that is a new Camaro.

Frank driving a Camaro – Frank used to have a Firebird. Firebird=Camaro, roughly. Frank fixed his car and my car a bunch of times. I remember thinking it’d be cool if he was still in Dallas so I could ask him about what’s wrong with the Camaro and he could help.

Hangover 2 – I talked to my co-workers about movies yesterday. I told him that I didn’t see the Hangover 2 because it was going to be just like the Hangover.

A movie for $7 – I told my co-workers the Laguna Hills Mall has a $7 matinee. They were surprised because movie tickets here are expensive.


So yea. It’s fun to think about. I like to think that I was getting pretty good at my personal dream interpretation. I like to think I was getting so good at it, that I had to stop writing them down. Maybe I was getting too close to finding the hidden dots in my dream journal.


This is a little awkward. I was going to write about how THIS STUDY says you’re more likely to day after you get paid. Apparently when you get paid you want to go out and spend your money, which is riskier than staying home and being poor.


Watching other people tell you about their dreams is very creepy, especially the little girls and women.

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