Off Day

I didn’t have to go to work today. I should have. It probably would have turned out better than today did. The day started how yesterday ended. Sucky. I’ll write about that tomorrow or Sunday or Monday. I woke up at 9, showered and began walking to a BBQ place that was supposed to have pretty good BBQ. The BBQ wasn’t that good. It was ok, but as the day wore on its aftertaste got worse and worse. It was not good BBQ. It was nothing like Texas BBQ. After that, I walked to find the new Yugioh card pack, Gold Series 4, because it comes with a promotional gamemat. I found the pack but it was expensive. The internship has paid me, but they put the funds on some pay card instead of direct deposit. I put in for a transfer of funds from the card to my debit card on Wednesday but it still hasn’t gone through. Then I walked to CVS, the Post Office, and Target. I was walking for about 4 hours. Then I came home and crashed. I worked on my resume for SMU thing. Then I got hungry and I was craving pizza so I ordered Dominos. There was a coupon for a large pizza and cheesebread, so I got that. The pizza was gross. The cheesybread was pretty good. On the aggregate it was a bad meal. Now I’m just…..sitting here in disbelief. What an off day.


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