Tough Talking

The co-worker I was telling you about went back to calling me ‘friend’. Maybe he called me ‘buddy’ that one day because it was on his word of the day calendar. This co-worker is a really good guy. He gives me a ride home and I feel I have to give him some gas money or something like that, but I know he’s not going to take my money. He’s financially well off, but he’s not that type of guy. He wouldn’t take my money. I wouldn’t take my money, if I was him. I think it’d be offensive to even offer money. I’ll have to buy him lunch one of these days. I hope he’ll accept that.

We always talk about a lot of things on the ride home, even though it’s a short 10 minute drive. We talk about tax court cases, court cases, things we like/dislike, texas weather, and sometimes we touch on politics. He’s a liberal leaning guy.

Today the last thing we talked about was the Supreme Court. We went from talking about shirts, to Target, to Walmart, to the recent Supreme Court case that disallowed the woman’s discrimination case against Walmart.

The coolest thing is what he said right before I go out of the car. He said, ” I hope you don’t mind me saying, but that’s why I hope Obama gets re-elected.”

See? Apparently, I’ve shown no political leaning. Not left. Not right. So he doesn’t want to offend me and my mysterious political views. Go me.


Horrible news everyone! Remember in the before times how you could watch videos online without commercial interruption? Ladies and gentlemen prepare to loathe advertising and product placement even more. Prepare to hate current products digitally inserted in old episodes of your favorite tv shows.

You’re crazy Luis? Where’s the proof?

Check out this image from a rerun of How I Met Your Mother. New product in an old episode. : /


Enjoy this music video from The Dears. The song is You And I Are A Gang Of Losers.
This song was in my head the whole day.
PS: See bands with black lead vocalist are extra cool.


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