Coffee Instincts

Today at work I had 2 and a half grande cups of coffee. That really perked me up. The morning went by so fast. It really helped me do all my work. My brain was clicking like a madman. It was firing on all cylinders. I was connecting dots left and right. I was using English grammar in my arguments. I was making historical references. I was developing proto-types. I was learning how to knit. The only thing I couldn’t do was make an envelope out of white paper, but that’s because the instruction online, sucked.


There’s a Yugioh episode that kills the phrase, “a ghost of a chance.” One of the main characters Kiaba, ‘dies’. Then an imposter show up and challenges Yugi to a duel. The whole duel the imposter and everyone on his side says, “Yugi doesn’t stand a ghost of chance,” and “it’s a blast from the past.”

Point is. Here is a past from the past.

Lightsaber sword fight!


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