Rocking Walking

That’s just the dumbest title I could think of. It’s a combination of two things. Rocking and Walking, duh.

Rock, because ‘Never Scared’ the Chris Rock comedy special is on Comedy Central. I love Chris Rock! It’s a good way to end the day.

Walk, because I walked 9 miles today! 4 and a half each way to the movies. I walked that far because I don’t have a car here in southern Orange County. I walked that far to see Horrible Bosses. It was a pretty good movie. It was on the same level as Bridesmaids. It was funnier than Bad Teacher, but Bad Teacher was choppy. It was funny, but the jokes didn’t tie together well enough. Horrible Bosses had a better plot and it didn’t take itself seriously, which was a relief.


Man, Chris Rock is right. Screw the stripper myth. There are no strippers in college. I didn’t see strippers in my accounting classes. There were no clear heels in my business law class!


Did the two 8s together in the line above bother anybody else?


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One response to “Rocking Walking

  1. Sonia

    No. But the “stupid bank accoun” did. And not just because of the spelling.

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