Subtly Racist

Today’s post is easy.

I was watching Meet the Press this morning. After the initial segment, an interview with the head of the Office of Budget and Management, there was a round table discussion on the subject of the jobs.

The conversation moved from jobs to leadership.

Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, said there wasn’t only a crisis in leadership in politics. He said there was a crisis in a lot of parts of America. He had two examples. These are the direct quotes.

1 – In sports, where we let sometimes these thugs go out on the field and play on Sunday because they can score touchdowns.

2 – We see it in our pop culture.

It’s probably just because I’m a minority, but the 1st sentence is almost assuredly racist. The majority of players who score touchdowns are black, with the exception of the QB position that is still has a majority of white players, but who ever calls white QB thugs? The governor was talking about black people there. That’s not too much of a stretch.

The 2nd sentence seems racist to me because it comes right after the 1st sentence that is racist. I know ‘pop culture’ is very vague. But after the 1st sentence, I’m almost sure he’s talking about rappers and such. I’m sure he’s not talking about the part of pop culture he likes, which is probably country, jazz, elevator music, or whatever else middle-aged white people like. He’s criticizing the part of pop culture he doesn’t like, the rap/minority part.

I’m always on the look out for racial language because I’m a minority.
As a minority, we’re more sensitive to that right?

Quote of the Day

Me: Man I like being a minority. I wish I could say nigger though.

Friend: Hahaha well, I mean you can but you might get beat up or shot.

Me: I meant, say it safely.


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