Leopard House

Two things.

In India, a leopard made its way into a village and mauled people. The authorities tried to get it back to the forest. Eventually they got it tranquilized, but it died of its injuries. Here are pics of the leopard in action!

In Flower Mound, a smart man has managed to get a house valued at $330,000 for the price of a $16 application. Apparently the house was foreclosed and the company who had the mortgage closed. No one owned the house so this guy filed and application for ownership. After a 3 year wait period, he will get ownership of the house, unless the original owners come back and pay the mortgage, or the mortgage company files a complicated lawsuit. Both of those events are unlikely, so as long as he stays in the house he’ll own it.

The other people in the neighborhood are angry because he’s not ‘buying’ it.
I say, if anyone can work the system and not hurt any one else, let them do it.
Let him keep the house!

It could be worse.
He could be leopard.


And that my friends is called the wrap around. We finish were we started, just like a good joke.


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