Sick Again

Those tacos by the house are delicious, but they’re making me sick. It’s going to be hard night again, which sucks because tomorrow is the last day or work for the week. I hope I can make it in time to work tomorrow. Taking the bus is a journey and I need an hour to make that journey. I can’t have any stomach issues for that hour or I’ll be screwed.


I realize I haven’t said anything about my job. It hasn’t been too interesting these last couple of weeks. I’ve been inputting data into databases. That’s pretty much all I can say about that. I’ll write about it more when it becomes interesting.

The databases aren’t really important. They’re going to be used as evidence in court against a guy who is trying a tax evasion scheme.


McGehee High School is an Arkansas high school, like every high school, has a valedictorian, Kymberly Wimberly (that’s her name, really, don’t laugh). The problem? The valedictorian is a black girl, in a predominately white school. The school hasn’t had a black valedictorian since 1989 (when I was born), so it decided to make a change.

Kymberly will be a co-valedictorian. The other co-val is a white student with a lower GPA.

Why the change? Because naming Kymberly the valedictorian will cause “a big mess“.

Grow up McGehee High School. If people in 1989 can handle it, you have no excuse. Don’t be racist.


Quote of the Day

Lady in car: Oh, shit.

PS. I was crossing the street and she almost hit me. Well, she got close, and I was fine. I knew she wasn’t looking. That’s why I didn’t get ran over, duh.


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