Two Weeks

oh, Saturday. How I thought you were Sunday because I had Friday off. Lucky me.

Anyway, in two weeks I should be in Dallas. Nay! I will be in Dallas!! I have 12 more days here. I’ll need to pack and such for the move back home. Most importantly, I’ll have to eat all the snacks I bought. I might have gotten carried away last week when I bought a 24 pack of bottled water (CA tap water is gross tasting, like was it Waco water…I think so), while I had 10ish bottles remaining. I have 24 bottles left. I’m going to have to start drinking two a day. I also have about 30 granola/cereal bars that I’m going to have to eat real fast. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to pack them onto a plane.

I miss home.

Dang, it I forgot to ask my sister what my other sister said yesterday that was so funny. I’ll put that on my to-do list.

oh! I have quote though. Let me check my phone…See I’ve been watching a lot of Married…with Children. It’s hilarious to watch because in the first 3 seasons the youngest son had a mullet. By season 3 everyone is ragging on Al for being a shoe salesman. Hilarious.

Quote of the Day – Steve (Marcy’s husband) to Al

Steve: Back in my day I had a few milk bones slipped into my pocket (from girls).

(the studio audience laughed)

I don’t get it. What’s a milkbone and why would girls slip them into his pocket? Is that late 80s code for sex? Help.


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  1. Sonia

    Lol. The quote sounds kind of fruity. But it was from girls, so that’s probably not it. Lol. Help me with sex talk. I think I enjoy reading the tags more than the blog. They’re funny.

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