Bed Bugs

iCarly talks about boobs. I can’t believe that’s still the most searched term to my blog. That’s ridiculous.


Alright, so a group of kids, I’m sorry gamers, from Respawn Point is raising money for Child’s Play. Child’s Play is a non-profit that brings games, fun, and a good time to sick kids in the hospital. They are raising money by catching all 649 Pokemon in a week. This their live stream. Make a donation, for the kids.


Today at work we had a meeting on bed bugs. There was general info about what they are, blah, blah, blah, blah, let’s get to the good stuff.

Quote of the Day – at the end of bed bug meeting

Group Leader (aka Boss Man): Does anyone have any questions about something we didn’t cover?

Co-worker: Yes. How do they get around? Do they jump?
(Yes, this was a black co-worker)

Boss Man: I’m not sure. That wasn’t in the information. I don’t think they jump.

Other Co-worker: I heard the darker ones jump higher than the lighter ones.


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