Bombs Away

Tomorrow is August 9th. That’s the 66th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. We historians, yes that’s me included, argue whether it was moral to use the bomb to try to end the war because in using the bomb thousands of Japanese civilians were killed and in return thousands of American lives were saved by avoiding a land invasion of the Japanese mainlands.

I don’t know. Yes. The war could have lasted longer and resulted in the deaths of thousands more people.

Hopefully, no one will ever have to make that decision again.


I’m watching college Jeopardy. The sole girl contestant knew all the clues in online shopping category. None of the contestants knew this clue from comedic lines. If you never contemplated murder, you ain’t never been in this.


Quote of the Day

So I just push this button to shut down 18 and then I destroy her so Cell can’t reach his perfect form.

Problem solved.

Easy as that.

Another moral dilemma for historians to argue.


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